Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I went home!

Yeah i went home! Last friday!! Aaak
Eventho that means i have to miss 2 classes, but well i went home!

This is my outfit for airport

Been longing for that kind of cropped top and i finally got it along with a ling sleeved and much shorter cropped top, its from bershka 
I want to get another one in black but i have to take good care of my allowance this time huff, decisions decisions

Aaaand because i forgot to put my glasses on, i have to post it on a different photo!

I read this book called "The Meaning of Sunglasses" which i bought the day before, and this book kept cracking me up hahaha!

Aaanyway, i arrived in Indonesia at around 3pm and i finally met my mom and dad aaaawwwhhh and they said i seem more mature and confident than before

So we went straight home and....well i house seemed.......bigger than usual hahaha idk maybe cos my room in singapore wasn't that big
And dad got me my fave martabak manis  dawwwhhhhhh HAPPY

The next day i met up with my best fwend aaaaaakk aaakkk aaaaaaakkkkk!

Huhuhu even we only met for around 4 hours but it was worthed, untill we meet again next December 

And that night we got an invitation to a wedding.......which only took me 45mins to get ready! Beat that haha!

I got the necklace from H&M for only 5 friggin singapore dollars man thats a steal!

We went home early and went straight to the towns chinese market, Semawis!!
I wanted to go there sooo badly even when i was still in Indonesia but i never got the chance to so there i was!

Aaand the next morning, we went to cimory which is a restaurant where you can milk your own cow hahaha
But it was very crowded like usual so we only bought snacks then move to another place


Twinsies woth little bro!

And this cake, which i love and it was the first time i tried it too
This is called 'Klapertaart' or coconut cake
It has a creammy texture woth coconut slices and cinnamon inside, and on top of it was bread with another dust of cinnamon and chopped almonds and raisins yum yum!!

And finally, my family took me for dimsum wohooo craving satisfied

And that night we went for pizza! Yep, where you can get an unhealthy salad
Just look at this thing

And i got a personal tuna melt aaaall for myself yum yum

But then the next day my stomach doesnt feel so good and my waist hurts so not really that yum yum :(
And this is also the day where i was going back to Singapore!
Altough i must say i have mixed feelings
Well i gonna go back in November so *shrughs*

Days before going home i did a skull sculpting and i thought i did a pretty good job!

But now we have to sculp a face and a dragon which i missed out a class so boo, i dont know what to do hfft

After class i took a good walk around the sid of the neighbourhood i haven't 'explored' yet and i found quite a few cafes and cute shops like this bookshop called 'Books Actualy' which have a lot of books about singapore also books that most i haven't seen 

I also came in to a shop that sells pretty unique stuff like this pair of clothes hanger earrings

But boy $120 for a friggin tiny earrings?! Dont think so

Also this notebooks that i found the cover quite funny

Anyway, my classmates came in today and brought us snacks that her mum made! Daaaawwwhh and it was so cute!!

And later i was looking through one of my friends instagram and i founf this picture which has our comments on it and i burst out laughing (not litterally, but you get the idea)

What evil friends we are

And today was actualy my first day of class since i got back here......yesterday afternoon
I was feeling pretty lucky cos my plane arrived 30 mins earlier than usual and i didnt even feel sick!
So i'm trying to catch up with my assignments and i did this room lighting (also dod the texturing myself) THIS MORNING!
Glad i could atleast done with it today, eventhough imm not really sure wether i AM done or not



I forgot to grab the evening lighting from my computer :P

And now i have to do a walking animation and dragon sculpting which i have no ide where the heck i should start aaaaaak help

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Time flies by

Oh hey yo finally a post!

Today is Sunday, one rainy lazy Sunday and i am currently half asleep writing this post (it's 11am by the way and i haven't get out from bed)
September flew by quite fast eh?
New things i've experienced through the month, obviously
But the biggest thing is how i manage my own money

I tell ya it's friggin hard
You dont even wanna know how much i have spent for this entire two months!
I felt very much dissapointed that couldn't really manage my allowance like i thought i would
Also felt super duper sad knowing that i parents have paid for all the things i have, like getting me here, fulfilling my needs, and i wasted my allowance just like that :(

Anyway, i felt pretty calm now that i know i spent most of it for food lol!!
Well, for those who might interested of managung their allowance, i recommend you trying out this app called "monny", i used iphone5

I promised myself that i'd get better next month and i'll post the result here next time! 

This month, i noticed that i'm growing a tooth!! Yeah! A tooth right behind my last-right tooth! (Eh?) 
I found it pretty weird cos i'm already 17 and i'm still growing a tooth -_-

Bought new pairs of lenses for the next three months because my old lenses are going to be expired soon, so i went to the optical and checked my eye
Turned out my eye strength decreased so badly! 
At first it was only -1000 on each, but now, my left eye has the strenght of -1750 and my right eye has the strenght of -2000 (not quite sure if i'm wearinnf the correct term or not but yiu get the idea!)
So then i picked clear lenses
This is my first time wearing clear lenses and i admit i have never made a better decision
But you know what? After i've worn a pair for a couple of weeks, i accudentally tore one of them apart when i was rubbing them! 
I tried the tore ones on but my eyes hurt and well, it cant be worn again so i threw it away and left with the other, i feel stupid -_-
So now i only wear one, that's on my right eye which is weaker

As for my short hair, i dont regret cutting it untill now. Well thats a good thing right? I mean, well, sure i kinda sad looking at other peoples photos who have long hair, but then i look at myself and i didn't felt rather dissapointed infact i felt happy!
Last few of days i even bought this whole package of shampoo and conditioner (cos i ran out of them!), and they gave mini straightener for free!

I finally can curl my hair again without purchasing those insanely $100-ish curling iron!! 

As in for school, still the worst in class, no doubt about that hahaha
We're starting to learn about moving things, and wrapping objects (giving patterns), and making videos which i like alot!
For foundation drawing, wenre starting to learn about anatomy

We didn't use white paper to draw anymore, we started using gray paper

And our first assignment was to draw skulls

And the second assignment was a regular portrait like usual

I'm drawing kendall jenner but it doesnt even resemble her at all-_-

And look! My last assignment finally got an 80!!!!!!! Eventhough i kinda questioned why my teacher gave such score, cos thought it wasnt as good

And this is my crazy classmates drawing a diagram for class personalities hahaha!!

For a few days, i felt really really really homesick and i could even cry anytime anywhere it's crazy!
I dreamt of being at home twice or three times, and i even felt like i was sleeping at home instead of here but then when i woke up, turned out i'm still here 
Oh well, good news is i'll be going back home next two weeks yay!!
I'm going to meet my parents, my dogs, mu brothers, and best part is..i'm gonna eat as much as i want!

I'm already drooling over this thing right here, eventhough it's not licated in my city but yeah, i'm picturing it

Oh hey! And have tou updated your iOS yet??
I like it, bug i just thought it looked so much like galaxy tab dont you think so too?

Personally like the vibrant colors and the playful feel of it, but everyone have their own oppinion right? 
My friends even havent updated theirs cos they didnt like the look of it. 
Speaking if which, have you also installed blackberry messenger into tour iphone/galaxy tab yet? 
Well i haven't, i dont like it cos i mean, i mean, i mean? Why?
There's no point of using an iphone anymore if there's a blackberry messenger app laying around on app store? 
Plus my social medias are piling up, I know its crazy!!
But i know i'll definately installed it later, i said later!

Anyway, the Miss World competition were held on the 24th this month in Bali, Indonesia and guess what?! My friend were one of the designers whose gown are worn by one of the contestants, which is Miss Canada aka Camille Munro!

(She's the on on the middle and miss canada is the one on the left)
To bad the designs weren't being contested as well cos i bet she'd win :(

So as i was googling around, i found this comic about water and fire and i thought i was really cute and sad and super adorable at the same time!

Doesnt it just makes you got AWWWW with your teary eyes :(

Another good news, my room lamp was finally changed into white aaak imm so happy it felt like a whole new woooorrlddddddddd
And yesterday when i was cleaning my makeup containers, i found my nail clipper which has been gone for the longest time aak i feel stupid

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My mommys burfday!

Happy birthday mom!!!

I made a video that's on my instagram go check it out go go go!!

Speaking of wich, i LOOOVEE today's breakfast!
I mixed vanilla yoghurt with banana and cereal ah ❤

And my dad sent me this picture haaaaaaaaa *die

Anywaaayy, i got a haircut today

Crazy right, i finally cut my sadako hair
No more magical hair, rapunzel came back to normal hahaha

The stylist even want to take my hair cos it's so long and he asked me twice if i wanted to cut it 
At first i want to take my hair with me to donate to a cancer foundation (what i've been wanting to do) but i dont know where so... That kinda sucks :(

Bye hair

Then i went home and my roomate was kinda surprised that i cut my hair, she said she and her roomate was how do you say it, "amazed?" By how long and beaitiful my hair was lol! 

I really really liked my hair when it's done, i even bounced with joy lol! But yeah you know us girls, now i end up having mixed feelings to it 


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